Positive COVID-19 Test



October 23, 2020


Residents, Families and Partners:

We wanted to provide you an update on our Community.  We continue to do periodic testing of staff and residents to ensure we stay on top of the further spread of the virus within our building.

In our most recent round of testing, one additional staff member tested positive, and we had another 4 residents test positive.  Both the staff member and the residents are all currently asymptomatic.  The staff member is isolating at home and will return as per guidance provided by the local health department and the CDC.  The asymptomatic residents will remain in the building.  They will be isolated from other residents with additional care protocols by staff to contain any spread of the infection until they are no longer positive.

We continue to ensure that all families of those residents who have tested positive are made immediately aware of the test results and are involved and informed in the subsequent health care needs of the resident.

We continue to work with our local health department and the state assisted living regulatory officials, and we are implementing their guidance.  All our measures of infection control continue in our Community.

Please continue to report any changes in conditions in yourself if you are a resident or your loved one within the Community. As previously advised, if you do feel like you or your resident loved one are experiencing any health changes, we would ask that residents stay in their rooms as much as possible while we obtain COVID testing or any other assistance you may need. The virus has presented in many different forms so any change in condition should be reported.

We appreciate your support as we deal with this surge of cases in Wisconsin and our Community.

As always, if you have an immediate concern, please email or call me. Our phone lines are often busy, especially after hours and on weekends.


Stacie Erdman, Executive Director