Positive COVID-19 Test

We continue to do periodic testing of staff and residents. In our most recent round of testing, one staff member, and 4 residents tested positive. Both the staff member and the residents are all currently asymptomatic. The asymptomatic residents will be isolated from other residents with additional care protocols by staff to contain any spread of the infection until they are no longer positive. We appreciate your support as we deal with this surge of cases in Wisconsin and our Community.

COVID-19 News Update

As you are aware from our past communications, despite our continued focus on infection control and prevention, our Community has been impacted by the significant surge in positive COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin and our county in general. In an effort to get a clear picture of the current spread of the virus within the Community, we decided to test of all of our employees and residents. To date, all staff and residents have been tested.  As a result of this testing, only 2 of our staff and 8 of our residents have tested positive. 

Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

Wisconsin is experiencing an increase in the reported COVID cases.  We have just learned that one of our residents have tested positive for COVID.  As a result, certain restrictions will be either be put back in place or be implemented for the first time in an effort to mitigate the spread of the infection and protect our residents and staff.